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One correction to the primer! (Don't worry, I wasn't made to do this.)

Kirsten Han
Kirsten Han
1 min read

I’m writing this email to follow-up on the primer sent earlier this morning. Since then I’ve taken a look at the amendments to the Protection from Harassment Act and added this correction to the previous issue on the website:

[CORRECTION! Since writing this newsletter I’ve taken a look at the proposed amendments to POHA and am relieved to say that entities as defined in the amendment Bill excludes public agencies. So it does circumvent some of the court ruling (that POHA can only apply to human beings) but not the entirety of it (that government agencies can use it).]

I don’t think subscribers get notified when I update the issue on the web, so I’m sending this email out to let everyone know!

Okay, back to what you were doing. (Which I hope is reading the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill.)

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