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I’m sending out this email today because I made a mistake with the settings yesterday and the final weekly round-up for 2020 ended up only going out to Milo Peng Funders instead of everyone on the list! I was out all day for work and didn’t discover my error until last night. 😔 It’s my bad.

You can find the final weekly round-up here.

Along with yesterday’s final round-up was also a 20% discount off becoming a Milo Peng Funder if you subscribe before 31 December 2020 — another reason I wanted to send out this email, so you don’t miss out if you’re thinking about subscribing to We, The Citizens! Milo Peng Funders get all the free weekly round-ups, plus special issues, and also personal updates about other independent projects that I’m working on, sent to them.

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I hope everyone has a good rest in the final weeks of 2020 — I think we’ve all deserved it. Take care of yourselves, reach out to your loved ones in responsible and safely distanced ways, and I’ll see you in 2021!