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We, The Citizens

This is We, The Citizens, a newsletter covering Singapore from a rights-based perspective.

I'm Kirsten Han, a freelance journalist and activist. You'll find more of an introduction here.

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Primer: Civil and political rights in Singapore (updated November 2022)

Most subscribers of We, The Citizens are Singaporeans, or people who have an interest in/familiarity with Singapore and its politics. But I often meet people who would like to learn more, particularly in relation to politics, democracy, and civil liberties. I hope this primer will be helpful! Feel free

Primer: Civil and political rights in Singapore (updated November 2022)

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Mental health and loneliness in Singapore

This week: There's an increasing prevalence of poor mental health in Singapore. Does that surprise anyone? 😔

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The ‘own goal’ issue

This week: The saga of POFMA and an academic website, Soh Rui Yong is left out of the Asian Games, and Parliament votes not to suspend Iswaran as an MP for now.

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Living with "enough" in Singapore

This week: How much does a household need to meet their basic needs in Singapore?

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G*d Is A Woman: The ins and outs of a cancellation

Thoughts on WILD RICE's latest play, G*d Is A Woman.

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What does it mean to do harm reduction work? An interview with Nik Carverhill

An interview with Nik Carverhill on the harm reduction work he does in Canada.