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G*d Is A Woman: The ins and outs of a cancellation

Thoughts on WILD RICE's latest play, G*d Is A Woman.

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Photo: Ruey Loon

Recently, it came to my attention that the local theatre company WILD RICE is staging a new play, entitled G*d Is A Woman. I Googled it, went to and voluntarily forked over my own money for a ticket. I brought one of my plushie children, a baby pig-bunny who hid in my bag because he’s only 8 cm tall. And let me tell you: I was SHOCKED at this show. I cannot believe that a production with this sort of WOKE content, filled with ideas from a morally bankrupt West, is being FOISTED upon Singaporeans. As a concerned citizen, I am utterly OUTRAGED. My tiny plushie bb was TRAUMATISED by the use of vulgar language. Fortunately, he’s an inanimate toy. But imagine if he had been a real kid! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Baby pig-bunny stowed away for the show.

I’m being facetious, but we know the type, don’t we? There have been multiple incidents over the years of art, literature or other forms of expression being censored after “concerned Singaporeans” leapt to take offence at work or activities they likely had no intention of participating in in the first place.

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