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Stuff I saw while scrolling through Singapore's 2024 expenditure estimates

I've not been feeling in tip-top condition this week and am planning to take as much of the weekend off as possible to rest and recharge. But I didn't want to leave people hanging without a We, The Citizens weekend wrap, so decided to keep this week's update short while having a bit of fun. (I did send out an Altering States newsletter, though, if you want to check that out.)

As you probably already know, Lawrence Wong, deputy prime minister and finance minister, delivered the Budget last week. I've been poking around the revenue and expenditure estimates—a very long PDF, you've been warned—and thought I'd share some of the things that leapt out at me. This isn't a full commentary because I haven't necessarily formulated my thoughts on everything (my brain is struggling to brain right now), so these are just things that, for better or worse, made me go, "Huh..." or "Eh?"

Here we go!

Stuff I saw while scrolling through this PDF for an hour

To support the work of our Representative to the Palestinian Authority who is resident in Singapore and to better coordinate our technical assistance to the Palestinian Authority, we opened a Singapore Representative Office in Ramallah headed by an Honorary Director in October 2022. We also opened an Embassy in Tel Aviv, to strengthen the multi -faceted cooperation between Singapore and Israel. In response to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, MFA contributed $300,000 to the Singapore Red Cross’ public appeal for Gaza, as well as worked with our stakeholders to organise a RSAF relief flight ferrying life -saving supplies for civilians in Gaza in November 2023. Second Minister (Foreign Affairs) (Education) Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman also witnessed the handover of aid for Gaza, raised by the Singapore public, in Cairo in November 2023.
The Israel-Hamas conflict is likely to remain protracted. We will continue to work with our partners and stakeholders to explore opportunities for the provision of further humanitarian assistance to Gaza. We will also continue to support the Palestinian Authority’s capacity building efforts through the Enhanced Technical Assistance Package.

That's it from me for this weekend! If you have some time, you might want to have your own go scrolling through these documents—let me know what leapt out at you!