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These resignations aren’t like those resignations

A couple of days after Tan Chuan-jin and Cheng Li Hui of resigned from PAP, Leon Perera and Nicole Seah resigned from WP. Both cases had to do with extramarital affairs. But the situations aren’t equivalent.

It’s been a long day and I’ve finally finished writing this at 2:50am. Who could have guessed that Singaporean politicians would have such serious rizz? And now the journalists are suffering for it.

So there we have it. The sensual hand-stroking over dinner was a sign of an affair between Leon Perera and Nicole Seah. Both have now resigned from the Workers’ Party, not just for stepping out on their spouses but also because they’d lied to the party in late 2020 or early 2021. Back then, Perera’s driver had approached WP’s leadership saying that the two were meeting “very often” at restaurants and hotels, and that he’d seen them holding hands and hugging. But when asked, both Perera and Seah denied it, and the matter faded away because WP leader Pritam Singh wasn't sure how much stock to put in the driver's testimony since he didn't know the guy, and Perera told him that he was in the process of firing this same driver, suggesting that there could have been some ‘disgruntled employee’ thing going on.

When the video footage surfaced on Monday, both Perera and Seah finally admitted that they’d hooked up sometime after the 2020 general election (what was it about that election that was such a turn-on for politicians?!) but had since ended their relationship. This left the WP with a big headache, especially with a parallel situation going on in the PAP.

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