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Thread: What's in FICA?

The following is an adaptation of this Twitter thread. I realise that only ridiculous people (I say this with affection) are going to willingly read the 249-page Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Bill, but it's also really important, so this is me attempting to tweet a break-down of what's in it... First,

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Thread: On Covid-19 entry approvals and stranded NTU faculty and students

1/ Here’s a thread on #Singapore's #Covid19 entry approvals process for foreigners, one university’s response, and what it might tell us about the government's attitude towards foreigners. 2/ While Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) are allowed back into #Singapore, long-term pass holders (including those on work and student

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Thread: Some points on Singapore's Covid-19 response

This is a compilation of this thread, published on Twitter on 7 July 2021. At various times over 2020/21, there’s been interest in #Singapore’s response to #Covid19. I think people outside SG see a lot of surface-level stuff and end up projecting their own opinions/desires onto

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Thread: How I came up with the Kaya Toast Mini-Mentorship Initiative

This is a compilation of this thread, published on Twitter on 11 June 2021. Catch up on my chat with @splicenewsroom this morning via this recording! 👇🏼 If you missed this morning's Splice Lo-Fi with Kirsten Han, you'll find the recording here. @kixes spoke about her "

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Thread: Lianhe Zaobao's editorial on racial harmony in Singapore

This is a compilation of this Twitter thread I wrote on 9 June 2021. Here's my quick translation of today's @zaobaosg editorial on racism in #Singapore. tl;dr It attributes racist incidents to #Covid19 frustrations, social media, and Critical Race Theory, described as an imported idea encouraging racist hatred against

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Thread: Why is Singapore doubling down on Covid-19 apps?

Compiled from this Twitter thread. Unlike this time last year, when Singapore's epidemic curve shot up and we were seeing new cases in the 100s/1000s (mostly within migrant worker dorms), the number of cases have come right down now, and tend to be mostly imported cases. Of course, this